Dennys with the magic!

By Huemid
March 04, 2017
Category: Business Minds
If one tweet can sell a thousand Moons Over My Hammy, this is it
Denny’s tweet on Wednesday represents a historic Twitter marketing achievement. The following message has garnered 108,000 retweets and more than 152,000 likes in the last couple of days.

The diner-style restaurant chain utilized a popular “zoom in” scavenger hunt meme to inspire such robust interest. How does it stack up compared to tweets of marketing lore? Well, it has surpassed the engagement seen by Arby’s iconic Continue reading
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Snap Inc.’s Spectacles Are Now Available for Anyone to Buy Online

By Huemid
February 20, 2017
Category: Business Minds

If your not yet familiar with the company snapchat get familiar with them. They're revolutionizing 

the digital world by putting their trandy/fashion twist to play. The art direction and idea for spectacle to our opinion is great. Is it something for the long run who knows. But one thing we do know about snapchat is that they my friend are BOLD!

Make sure to click the link to look at the video


Continue reading
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By Huemid
February 17, 2017
Category: Business Minds

As a brand your always trying to think large. So what does being large really mean? 

You need to understand that a brand is really like a person. You have a face. That face is your logo.

You have a name and that name is the one your mother/father gave you. If you start to think of a brand like a person you realize that a brand has a name, face, personality, likes, dislikes etc. 

So how does your brand act, think, look... 

If you pay a little more attention to the feedback your clients give you a... Continue reading

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Bonsai 8

By Huemid
February 16, 2017
Category: eats

Bonsai Thai & Sushi 8st

I remember when I was in high school once upon a time everyone speaking about the hit spot Bonsai. I brought my high school sweet heart here and my first sake bomb with a bunch of friends here. Always an amazing time. This place to me brings back memories but also puts in a new one. Before really seeing how the restaurant  was ran I had my opinion for it. Which it was a great place with great food. The ambiance was cool. But that was about it The team and I had a chance to meet the owners. We re... Continue reading

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